OCR Options

Selecting the right OCR options is crucial for flawless and fast OCR. The choice depends not only on the type and complexity of your paper document but also on how you are planning to use the electronic version.

OCR options are grouped together on the Read tab of the Options dialog box (Tools>Options…).

Important! ABBYY FineReader automatically recognizes the pages added to a document using the current settings. You can turn off automatic analysis and OCR of newly added images on the Scan/Open tab of the Options dialog box (Tools>Options…).

Note. If you change the OCR options after a document has been recognized, run the OCR process again with the new options.

On the Read tab of the Options dialog box, you may select from the following options:

  • Reading mode
    Select a reading mode.

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    Two reading modes are available:

    • Thorough reading
      In this mode, ABBYY FineReader analyzes and recognizes both simple documents and documents with complex layouts, even those with text printed on a color or raster background and documents with complex tables (including tables with white grid lines and tables with color cells).

      Note. Compared to the Fast mode, the Thorough mode takes more time but ensures better recognition quality.

    • Fast reading
      This mode is recommended for processing large documents with simple layouts and good quality images.

    Select the mode that best suits your needs.

  • Training
    Pattern training is disabled by default. Select the Train user pattern option to teach ABBYY FineReader new characters when it performs OCR on your pages.

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    Pattern training is useful for the following types of texts:

    • Texts printed in decorative fonts
    • Texts which contain special characters (e.g. mathematical symbols)
    • Large documents (more than 100 pages) of poor print quality

    You can either use the built-in character patterns or create your own. Select the desired option under Training.

OCR Options