Saving in XLS/XLSX

To save your text in XLS/XLSX:

  • In the drop-down list on the main toolbar, choose a document layout saving mode.
  • Click File>Save Document As>Microsoft Excel Document or the Save button on the main toolbar. Click the arrow near the Save button and choose a saving format from the list. If there is no suitable format in the list, click Save to other formats…, and, in the dialog box that opens, select the desired format.

Tip. Additional saving options are available in the Options dialog box: select Tools>Options…, click the Save tab, and then click the XLS/XLSX tab.
The following options are available:

  • Ignore text outside tables
    Saves only the tables and ignores the rest.

  • Convert numeric values to numbers
    Converts numbers into the “Numbers” format in the XLS file. Microsoft Excel may perform arithmetical operations on cells of this format.

  • Keep headers and footers
    Preserves headers and footers in the output document.

Saving in XLS/XLSX