The Main Window

When ABBYY FineReader is started, the main window opens and the New Task window is used to execute ABBYY FineReader Quick Tasks.

Show the main window…

The main window displays the ABBYY FineReader document that is currently open. For details, see ABBYY FineReader documents.
Finereader frmainwindow The Main Window

  • In the Page window, you can view the pages of the current FineReader document. There are two page viewing modes: icons (which shows a small image) or a list of document pages and their properties. You can toggle between these modes from this window’s shortcut menu, from the View menu, and the Options dialog box (Tools>Options…).
  • The Image window displays an image of the current page. You can edit image areas, page images, and text properties in this window.
  • In the Text window, you can view recognized text. You can also check spelling and format and edit recognized text in the Text window.
  • The Zoom window displays an enlarged image of the line or processed image area currently being edited. While the Image window displays the general page view, the Zoom window provides an easy way to view the image in greater detail, adjust the area type and position, or compare uncertain characters with the enlarged image. You can change the image scale in the Zoom window from the panel Finereader zoompane The Main Window in the bottom part of the window.

Window toggle keys

  • Press Ctrl+Tab to toggle between windows
  • Press Alt+1 to activate the Page window
  • Press Alt+2 to activate the Image window
  • Press Alt+3 to activate the Text window

For details, see Keyboard Shortcuts.

Finereader listpicture The Main Window For details, see:


The Main Window